The Weekend we took our Kids to the Vineyard

If your family is anything like ours, more often than not, we do things together. All four of us, all of the time, especially if it's the weekend and Brad's off work.

This past weekend was no exception. I made plans for Brad + I to visit Aurora Colony Vineyards to enjoy a little wine (and beer) tasting and guess who tagged along? The kids. That's right. They were right there with us the whole time and judging by their smiley, sweaty faces, they enjoyed themselves just as much as we did.
Aurora Colony Vineyards is a short 20 minutes south of Portland and offers its guests far more than simply a sip of wine. If you haven't visited before, allow me to share a few reasons why you should most definitely give them a try.

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The Poké Little Brumfields

I know. Some of you read Poké and are already rolling your eyes. My husband included. But for the three young Brumfields in the house (Like how I called myself young?), we're still enjoying the game and all things Pokémon.

If you recall, Wyatt dressed up as Pikachu for Halloween last year. I knew he'd be on board with the game, but what I didn't know was how much fun I would have with it as well. And it's not all bad, y'all. Here's what it's done for us.


First Family Camping Trip Dos + Don'ts

Recently we were given the opportunity to join other families for USWC Taekwondo's Annual Camping Trip. Just as soon as I heard about it, I was itching to go. Brad + I had never taken Wyatt + Delta Mae on a camping trip before but I thought we ought to give it a try. 

So I signed us up and we slowly began to make preparations for a two-night stay at Metzler Park in Estacade, Oregon. Let me tell you, we had a GREAT TIME! Personally, I think the change of pace was the best part. You know, waking up and not knowing (or caring) what time it was. The same could be said for bedtime. I think the kids would argue that the best part was all of the activities that they participated in.
Since I consider our Family's First Camping Trip to be a success, I thought I'd share a little Dos + Don'ts list in case you're thinking of planning one for your family. I hope this helps!


Friday's Favorites || Boy Tees

It shouldn't be so darn hard to find cute boy tees, right? It's a chore but don't fret. With Wyatt's 7th birthday just a short two weeks away, I've been on the look out and I'm sharing some of my favorite finds with y'all today.
Fresh Tee || Eighth of August
Colorblock Striped Tee || Hanna Andersson
Guitar Tee || Honey Bee Tees
Striped Henley Tee || Crazy 8

The Alright, Alright, Alright tee also comes in adult sizes. Just sayin'. =)  I hope you have a great weekend!
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Taco {Soup} Tuesday

Do you want to know the difference between taco soup and chili?

Alert the presses. I've figured it out. Drum roll, please...
The difference is simply the season of the year in which you make the dish.