Costume Delights + Halloween Frights

Halloween is only eleven days away and I've been scrambling trying to get costumes picked out for the kids. I felt like I was fighting a losing battle because every coordinating costume combo I threw at them was swiftly vetoed. Until I said those four magical words,

  • "How about Power Rangers?"

Wyatt + Delta Mae both squealed with delight. How could I have expected anything less? The Little Brumfields have been watching the Power Rangers kick foreign monster booty on Netflix for well over a year. Have y'all had a recent look at all of the different Power Rangers Series that are available for streaming? There are over twenty!

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A new series, Power Rangers Dino Super Charge, was just released for streaming on October 15. I printed off a bingo game for the kids to play while they watched the new episodes.

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Smiles + Smooches

In my last post, I shared some at-home pictures I took of Delta Mae on her school picture day and today it's Wyatt's turn. Yesterday was his school picture day. It was much cloudier + wet than the day I took Chicken's. On top of that, we were in a bit of a rush, #BecauseMorning so we just jumped in the alleyway behind our house and I snapped a few shots.


Friday Favorites

Can you believe that we are already at the end of our sixth week of school? That just seems crazy to me. And boy, do the schools get the ball rolling fast. The PTA at Wyatt's school has already hosted two fundraising events and sent home a flier informing us of the third. Those Ladies have been busy! Delta Mae's class has already been on a field trip and I have two field trip permission slips, one for Wyatt + another for Delta Mae, awaiting my signature. And then there're Parent/Teacher conferences. And then my favorite...

School Picture Day.

Delta Mae's school picture day was this past Tuesday. We spent the morning getting her all dolled up in her new clothes. She was just the cutest little thing! She doesn't normally attend school on Tuesdays, so after they took her picture I brought her back home and took a few of my own.


The 39th Birthday Scramble

Remember when you were a kid and your parents called and said we're on our way home and you freaked out a little. Yesterday, I got that call. Only the parent role was played by my husband, Bradley. He had been on a hunting trip and I wasn't expecting him home for another 48 hours. The house was a wreck. Laundry was piled up and worse of all.... HIS 39TH BIRTHDAY WAS THE NEXT DAY (TODAY) AND I DIDN'T HAVE ANYTHING READY!
No gift. No cake. No card. Babe! I need more time.
So yesterday was a scramble, trying to clean-up the house and prepare for his birthday with the clock tickin' in my ever-lovin'-ear.

But before I get to what I was able to find in a pinch, how about I show some incredible scenes from Brad's hunt in Montana.


Sunday To Wednesday + Nothing In-between

It wasn't until yesterday afternoon that I realized I still had my camera set to Shutter Priority mode. Ugh! It's been at that setting since Wyatt's football game this past Sunday. I was wondering why my photos weren't coming out as bright. Now I know.

So, while the photos taken throughout most of the week have been less than stellar, I did take a couple of pictures of the kids yesterday that I think turned out pretty cute. Turns out, yesterday was National Walk to School Day. Ahem. Rarely do we walk to school. #BecauseMornings But nearly every afternoon this school year, Delta Mae + I have walked to school to collect Wyatt and then we walk back home. Can we make National Walk from School Day a thing?