Disney + Chill with Netflix {Plus a GIVEAWAY}

It's Friday Night! Time to gather your crew for some #DisneyAndChill with  Netflix!
I broke the news to Chicken that Disney was coming to Netflix earlier today and recorded her response. It was pretty great. =)
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Field Trips Shouldn't Make Me Sad

Well, the school year has barely begun but guess what? We already have our first Field Trip down in the books. Delta Mae's preschool took a bus load of four year olds to the  Oregon Heritage Farm, an apple orchard in a nearby town. Delta Mae had a fun time playing with her friends for the morning and I walked away from the experience with a harsh reality check.

Delta Mae is outgrowing me.

Yes, that's right. Gone are the days when she wants me right beside her for her every move. I can't say that it comes as a surprise - but it really slapped me in the face today. One day last week, Chicken and I were talking about the upcoming field trip and she told me that she wanted to ride the school bus with her classmates. Sounds fun, I thought.

"Do you want me to ride the bus with you?"

"No," she replied.

  • Gosh, Chicken. Let me down easy, won't you?

She went on to say that I could follow behind in my car and meet her there. Which is what I did. My friend, Jenn, took the drive with me, although her darling four year old wanted her to ride the bus. Our girls ended up sharing a seat on the bus ride over, while Jenn and I drove along in my truck, talking about EVERYTHING under the sun.

We arrive. Chicken was all smiles while exiting the bus. It made me happy + sad at the same time. A few minutes later. we were walking through a field toward the wagon and I asked Delta Mae if I could hold her hand. She shook her head "no" at me.

  • Um... Miss Lady,
  • I applaud your independence. But if you could please slow down this whole growing up thing a bit, I'd greatly appreciate it. Like maybe only break my heart once a day instead of twice. And preferably not in public so I can get a good cry in.
  • K, thanks,
  • Mom

Anyways, here are the pictures. Have a look. I've got some self-loathing to catch-up on...


Back To Ballet

The arrival of September means the start of so much more than just the school year. While Wyatt has decided to pick up a new sport to play, Delta Mae was excited to stick with an activity she loves. BALLET!

Delta Mae took her first year of ballet lessons at age two while we were living in Mississippi. Then we moved to Oregon and her second year of lessons was taken at our local dance studio. This year, as September drew nearer, I spent numerous hours trying to find a ballet class offered to her age group that met in the mornings, opposite her days at preschool.

It was a struggle - which really surprised me. I found a nearby studio that offered a "custom class" if I could find five other participants. It gave me hope, so I reached out to the other MOPS Mamas on our Facebook group but, unfortunately, their interest was low. Except for my friend, Jenn. She was up for the idea, but two ballerinas are far from six, so the search continued.

Eventually, I found a studio about twenty minutes from my home that offered just what I was looking for. A Tuesday morning, ballet only, class. We signed up and lessons began two days ago.

Caution: These photos contain cuteness overload.


Wyatt's First Flag Football Game

I truly never thought this day would ever come. Turns out, you can only press your desires onto your children so much. Sports have always been a thing that Brad + I both loved and wanted our kids to enjoy and participate in. We had given tee-ball, buddy-ball, and basketball a try, but Wyatt's heart was never in it - evidenced by him running up and down the basketball court with his arms out like an airplane during nearly every game last year. =/

Thankfully, his love for Taekwondo hasn't diminished.

But last week, we were driving in the car and he asked if he could play football this year. I don't recall his exact words but he mentioned something regarding the men that play in the Superbowl. The next day he asked Brad about playing, so I took it upon myself to see if signing up for the flag-football league was still an option.

It was!

I picked him up from school and told him the great news last Friday. We picked up some hand-me-down cleats at the local Play It Again Sports ($9.99 Nike's were a total steal) and a PeeWee football.

And then Sunday, after church and lunch (#Priorities) we arrived at Field #2 for Wyatt's first EVER flag football game. I'll let the pictures speak for themselves for a bit and fill you in more at the end.


The Cutest, Sweetest, Most Adorable Things I've Seen All Week

Not so surprising, I'm definitely talking about my children and their Back To School Photos! Wyatt started Second Grade and Delta Mae started her First Year of Preschool this week. Yes, that's right. She's never been to preschool or daycare before. Just a whole lot of one-on-one time with her Mama. =)

Let's get started with Wyatt's First Day, which was Tuesday, September 6. He asked for pancakes shaped like a bat and sausage for breakfast. Apparently, he thinks I'm a pancake molding genius. I'm not - but I tried. He said he loved them even though the wings broke off during the flipping-over process. Sweet Boy.

He was happy to oblige me with some sweet smiles before heading off to school.