Pardon My OCD

Hi. I'm Brettni and I suffer from OCD, Occasionally Clueless Disorder. It most recently happened when I opened my computer to write a blog post a few weeks back. I opened the folder in which the post photos were saved and they were gone. I was Clueless.

And then it got worse. I somehow managed to delete nearly every photo I have taken since July of this year. Every photo I had saved on my external hard drive was gone. Over 5,000 pictures. Gone.

Again, Clueless.

Yes, I had a heart attack. Then call my friend Jenn to see if her IT wiz Hubby could save the day. Turns out, he most certainly could. Hallelujah!

My Occasionally Clueless Disorder is wholly responsible for my lack of posts this month. But with it being the last day of the month, I thought I'd squeeze in one final post to include some highlights of our month + maybe just a few others because I love looking at pictures of my children. #NotSorry
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How To Have A Gilmore Girls Inspired Date Night With Mom + A Netflix Giveaway

We are only five short sleeps away from the Netflix release of  Gilmore Girls: A Year In The Life. Five short sleeps until we can travel to Star Hollow and visit our favorite Mom + Daughter Duo. Like the rest of America, I'm pretty excited because Lorelai + Rory = Relationship Goals.
I've been perusing Pinterest over the last few weeks looking for Gilmore Girls Viewing Party essentials so I could plan one for myself. And there are some pretty great ideas out there. But then I got lucky + received my very own Date Night with Mom kit sent to me from Netflix. One of the many perks of being a Stream Team Member.

I thought I'd give y'all a little peek into the box that was sent our way and show you some easy ways that you too can have the Perfect Date with the Rory Gilmore in your life. (It's easier than you think.)


Four Favorite Finds

I've done a lot of shopping over the past few days. I guess it all started last week when I went into town to look for an  anniversary gift for Brad. And then I caught the Christmas Decorating Bug (it's very contagious) and the rest is history.
So today, I thought I'd share four of my most favorite recent purchases. They are all Wishlist Worthy.


12 Years a Brumfield

"What you do, who you’re with, and how you feel about the world around you, is completely up to you." - Mike Rowe

I love our love.
Happy Anniversary.


Orange is the New Yellow

Quite a few days have passed since Delta Mae had Tiny Tiger belt testing. Over two weeks, in fact. Forgive the delay but after Delta Mae + I watched the video on my iPhone today, I knew I had to get it posted onto the blog ASAP. Here are a few pics and the adorable video.