Strawberry Picking + Strawberry Milk Recipe

I vividly remember the first time I ever tasted an organic strawberry. I was pregnant with Wyatt and maybe that's why it made such an impact on me. With my heightened senses, it was the tastiest strawberry I had ever eaten. So when I decided to take Delta Mae out for our first strawberry picking experience, I thought I'd try to find an organic farm.  A quick online search provided tons of possible options.
I chose Bella Organic Farms on Sauvie Island in Portland and off we went.


Bye Bye Orange. Hello Green.

You might have seen Wyatt sporting his new green belt in the pictures from the Ninja Birthday Party. He tested for his green belt the day before and was one proud fellow to have received it.

There was a moment earlier that week that tested us all. Wyatt was sent to school with an evaluation form for his teacher to complete prior to testing. The short story is it was thrown away at school, found the next day, then it disappeared.

As much as I wanted Wyatt to test for his green belt, I also didn't want to reward irresponsible behavior. But in the end, Wyatt spoke with Master Brandon and we were given a extra day and an extra evaluation form.

Here's what the afternoon looked like.


Wyatt + Delta Mae's Ninja Birthday Party

Yesterday Wyatt and Delta Mae's friends joined them at our neighborhood's community center to celebrate their birthdays with a Ninja Themed Party. We had an hour to set-up before our guests began arriving, but hurried along and got it all done.

What I didn't do was take any pictures. Yes, that's right. Not the first picture.

After returning home, I took a few pictures of some of the decorations I made, but I don't have their birthday table decor documented the way I would've hoped. Remind me next time to slow down and snap a few pictures.
Shuo Sheng took some great photos and shared them with me, and thank the good Lord for that. This post wouldn't have been possible without him. Shall we get started?

|| The Details ||

Photo by Shuo Sheng.

Made by me:
The Invitations
Happy Birthday Banner (Download + Print using this link.)
Tenets of Taekwondo Printable (Download + Print using this link.)
Ninja Birthday Party Circles (Download + Print using this link.)


Rather than serve food items that looked like ninja weapons, I chose to serve food that matched the colors of our theme. We had a fruit bowl that included strawberries, blueberries and blackberries as well as sliced red peppers with roasted red pepper hummus.

Pizza and cupcakes too. =)

Party Favors
The kids left with candy from the piñata and nunchucks.

|| The Fun ||
Photos by Shuo Sheng.

Thank you to all of our Friends, Moms, and Dads that joined us and helped us out yesterday! You made their day super special. =)

If you've stopped by for the free downloads, I hope you enjoy them! And I hope your Ninja Party is awesome!


DIY Toss Game Board with Free Ninja Star Toss Banner

Wyatt + Delta Mae's Ninja Birthday Party is two days away! Woop, woop! Earlier this week I shared the  Ninja Star Piñata that I made and today I've got another DIY project to share with y'all. I made a Ninja Star Toss Game Board for the Little Ninjas to play.
I think this is shaping up to be a really great party, don't you think?!


A New Smile and New Skill

|| New Smile ||
Last Friday morning before school, Wyatt hesitantly agreed to let me pull out not one, but two baby teeth. It was the first two teeth for him to lose and we got them both on the same day. He was very apprehensive to begin with, but he found it himself to trust that I wasn't going to hurt him. He left for school that morning sporting a happy, new smile. =)
As we drove to school, we started talking about the book Silveralicious, and how the tooth Fairy in that book was named Tootheetina. I asked Wyatt what he thought his Tooth Fairy was named. He said Tootheetom.